Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Obscured By Crowds - The Unseen Mike Trim

As promised in my last entry, here's an image that we didn't have room for in The Future was FAB: The Art of Mike Trim. This shot was taken in the Winter of 1964-65, outside the AP Films Studios in Slough (you can see a bit of the giant smokestacks and crane gantries of the industrial estate in the background). Mike and fellow modelmaker Roger Dicken are having a bit of a larff with a "pal" that's been frozen in the ice.
I'm happy to report that the fellow was lucky and only suffered slight frostbite.
Just kidding of course - obviously these are some fake legs from a mannequin that the duo set out the night before expressly for this photo.
More unseen images to come in the weeks ahead.

Mike Trim gets WIRED

The Thunderchild diorama featured on the webpage has been immortalized today in WIRED magazine's blog, here. It's also at Neatorama, and a nice photo of S.I.D. and a link to the website made it onto Stephen Years Dot Com.
Thanks for the mention, folks!

I'll be posting images here on this blog that didn't make it into The Future was FAB: The Art of Mike Trim due to space limitations beginning in the next 48 hours or so. I hope to post at least one new image every week until they're all up. Keep checking back, there's some excellent stuff that didn't make it into the book!