Monday, March 19, 2012

New Series! Environments - Almost Home

These selections are a part of a continuing journey towards the development of a much looser and more painterly style than Mike's previous work, an approach he has long admired in other artists. 
He says, "My natural tendency towards much tighter detailed work has meant it has taken many years and it is only in my more recent paintings that I feel that I am getting there.  All the examples here are done using mainly Acrylics, although some employ a more mixed media approach."

About  Almost Home - "This is Viking Bay in Broadstairs Kent, on a late summer afternoon.  I just loved the sparkling back-light, with the cliffs and buildings hazed by a very slight mist giving the whole scene a very warm and tranquil atmosphere."

Mike accepts commissions in either style, and any genre. For more information, contact him via  email by CLICKING HERE

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